Politeness compels me to introduce myself:

Welcome to my modest corner. I try to water the plants and keep linen crisp for guests, so I hope that you enjoy your stay.

I've been keeping journals since that day I learned how to write. At first I would fill my notebook with large, colorful script and improvised sketches that stained through the paper. Later on, I signed small contracts with myself: to keep writing, to stay alive, to never surrender my alienation. I wrote short stories, silly songs; filled notebook after notebook with magazine cutouts, desperate pleas and colorful descriptions of a dull life in suburbia. The notebook became a loyal companion whenever I was away from home, both protecting and isolating me.

At 14 I began to share my notebooks with the world, in a blog that run for nearly a decade. Through my blog, I discovered that words have the right to exist in the open air as; that I must reduce the distance between me and other people, and more importantly, between me and myself.

Today, after nearly two decades of writing, I have only myself to offer, modestly, wholeheartedly, without fear.


Dry Peelings:

I was born at the end of 1989 to an American mother and an English father. My brother was born two year later. I grew up in Haifa and later on in Yokne'am Illit, which shaped and stained my adolescent years. I have since returned to Haifa and made it my home.

In 2004 I started the blog "And then the clouds will open for me" under the name Slackerbitch. Within a few months it gained a significant amount of followers and remained popular over the next 9 years. During its years of activity, the blog received roughly 1,250,000 hits and was covered from time to time on Nana10.

I was a freelance writer for Walla! and ynet at various points along 7 years, and worked at a book store for three years, where I established my love for the written word, and for people.

I pay the bills with my job as a content writer and social media manager.

All images on this website belong to me, unless noted otherwise. You can view the gallery or check out my DeviantART account.

I've been given many nicknames over the years, so if you have a new one for me please contact me via email mimsvk@gmail.com or send me a message on facebook, where you can also follow me.

Mims Vilma