I climbed up the rope after you. I did everything you said. I followed the rules.

So now we're in my dream, and we're hanging from the top of the world. Two single ropes dangling down and it's late in the afternoon. They'll be wondering where we are by now.

We both climbed up to prove a point and now nothing will ever get us down. I'll keep losing pounds on my single thread and you'll keep staring up and away from me. Up here you can get away with it- but not in the real world.

I look down, thinking how I've left this earth just so you could keep me hanging.

I wish you'd let go, reckon with me just once, but I don't want you to fall. That means hanging in the sun without you.

I love you enough to release my grip, but that means you win this time. You win for good.

Nothing counts when we're on your field. Nothing is beyond my strength. We're not equal. I rise to the challenge whilst you sit and watch. It's always your world and your rules, yet I choose to follow you up that rope, time and again.

So I stay hanging on for now, in hopes you'll look my direction, and realize you've put me in danger, too

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